Star Citizen – Arena Commander Alpha!

As you may have guessed I am a bit of a gamer in my spare time too. I’ve been a veteran backer of the upcoming space sim Star Citizen for quite some time now and very anxiously awaiting the release. Recently however we got our first taste of the game through the Arena Commander module.

This basically a very pre-alpha version of the game and it is clear that it is still very buggy – but that’s kind of to be expected. I set my standards low but for a pre-alpha release I think the team at Cloud Imperion games is doing an amazing job so far and they have my mouth watering for more playable content. I played this non-stop for a couple of hours trying to master my flying and dog fighting skills. I certainly found it easier using a 360 controller connected to my PC vs using the keyboard but that’s really up to you.


If you want to checkout the gameplay I would recommend taking a peek at some of the streams on Twitch: 

Are you a gamer? Let me know what you like to play in the comments below!

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