Website Improvements:, OVH, BunnyCDN and Redis Cache

Quite a few back-end improvements to the website this week. 

For starters the website was moved to a new server on OVH Public Cloud and it’s running for management. 

The website also runs in a dual-CDN configuration using both Cloudflare and BunnyCDN. Cloudflare acts as the primary web proxy while BunnyCDN serves up the media lightning quick. 

vSkilled is now also using Redis Cache which has significantly improved the page loads as well as keeps the server load down. 

Thank you to these companies for offering superior products and services. 

Serverless WordPress

Can it be done? Yes. Is it practical? No.

That is so far what my conclusion is at the time of this writing. I was looking again at the web tier for the vSkilled website. I want to ideally run the website serverless, but without ditching WordPress. Like many others I use WordPress as the back end CMS. It’s a powerful platform that can do almost anything you’d like within reason. I don’t really want to give that up just for the sake of a serverless architecture.

While that sounds like it should be possible – it’s really not ideal. There are services out there that help with this process, like Shifter and Hugo. But it’s not truly a serverless WordPress environment. How it works is by hosting a temporary WordPress website then when you’re done editing, converting the entire site to static content.

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VMUG Advantage is 10% off

Today VMware announced that VMUG Advantage is 10% off until December 31st, 2017.

This is the best way to get VMware licenses for your home lab environment. This is included with VMUG Advantage membership through EVALExperience which gives you a 365-day evaluation license for personal use in a non-production environment. Continue reading…

Website Refresh! v2.0

The vSkilled blog website has had some major improvements and is now officially launched as version 2.0!

The previous design had been in use since late 2014. Over time there were design elements and plugins that stopped working altogether or were causing various issues. I had worked tirelessly to improve the page loading times but had exhausted all my options on the old design. I knew a new design was going to be needed and I began slowly scoping out what I wanted for the new website refresh.

Version 2 (2017 – present)

Version 1 (2014 – 2017)

As you can see I wanted to keep a similar layout, only have it more simplified, and easier to maintain. I believe that has been accomplished. The cleaner look makes it look more professional and easier to read. I think the single post style instead of a post grid also makes the front page more attractive and relevant. Continue reading…

Firewall Swap & Windows Telemetry Data

I recently switched over from Sophos UTM to Untangle NG for my personal use firewall at home. During the process I basically had to rebuild all of my firewall rules and general network policy configurations. This allowed to me “start fresh” as my previous configuration had gotten quite bloated and complicated over time.

It’s clear that Microsoft has no intentions of telling us what exactly is sent in this telemetry data, how long it’s stored, and why when it’s disabled it continues to send data. Not to mention which obvious third parties have access to the data. For this reason, part of the new network policies I wanted to include was blocking telemetry data from getting sent back to the Microsoft mother-ship. Continue reading…